Lip $12

Chin $12

Sideburns $10

Hairline $15

Ears $10

Underarm $25

Full Arm $50

Full Leg $70

Half Leg $38

Back $55

Bikini $35

Brazilian $55+

Artistic Eyebrow $25

The most detailed waxing service provided for your eyebrows.  This service is for the first timer or someone who wants to alter the shape of their eyebrow for a look that best compliments you!

Eyebrow Touch Up $18

Best recommended for someone who is content with the current shape of their eyebrows and just needs a touch-up.

Brow Trim $10

Trimming the brow, no wax.  

Waxing Services

We Also Offer:

Brow Tinting with Wax $30

Lash Tinting $30