All massages are enhanced with a variety of techniques and/or tools. These include essential oils, cupping, dry brushing, sound therapy, kinesiology muscle taping, foot treatments and more. This will be discussed prior to your service.

Therapeutic Massage

Lydia Nelson, LMT


Lydia is a skilled practitioner and chronic pain specialist who addresses the cause of pain. She works to improve and reverse it. Pain relief is valuable. Chronic stress can cause serious pain and Lydia is a stress specialist. By increasing circulation, reducing adhesions and inflammation, the massage can affect your nervous system which will impact the full body. Massage therapy done properly can facilitate rapid pain relief in ways that often correct the root cause of the pain as well as enhance overall health.

Customized, Enhanced,Therapeutic Massage.

‚Äč$85 for 45 minutes

$105 for 60 minutes 

   $150 for 90 minutes